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Welcome to www.ShopAt24.com an online shopping mall that provides you with free payment and delivery services at Seven Eleven store near your house 24 hours a day. www.ShopAt24.com is part of 24Shopping company limited. We seek to provide wide range of high-quality products of all type in response to the need of customers. We make sure to provide customers with the most comfortable shopping experience and retailers through the use of various devices to reach to the largest customer base in Thailand.

Variety of products
Confidence in various types of products availability covering from Health and Beauty, Mom and Kids, Home and Living, Fashion, Mobile and Tablet, Electronic devices and Home appliances, and many more. All products have copyright from supplier and distributor with certified quality and authenticity thus the customer can be 100% confident in shopping with us. We also provide customers with guarantee, return and refund policy. Nevertheless, any interested supplier and distributor can contact us via www.ShopAt24.com
 Mom and Kids 
 Mobile and Tablet 
 IT Camera Gadgets 
 Electronics and Entertainment 
 Home Appliances 

Delivery service
We provide customers with fast and reliable delivery service where customers can choose to pick up their purchased items at any Seven Eleven store up to 10,000 braches countrywide at no cost or home delivery.
Free delivery at seven eleven store 
Home delivery 
Cash on delivery

Payment process that is safe and convenient
Customers can choose to make payment at up to 10,000 Seven Eleven stores countrywide at no cost.
Credit or Debit card payment with high security system for the safety of online payment.

ShopAt24.com provides customer service 24 hours a day. If you have a question or suggestion, please contact our customer service department. We are ready to serve you throughout the day.


Shopat24.com celebrates the launch of a new online shopping website Change the look from Shopat7.com to a superior online shopping experience under the slogan "Shop fun, everything, convenient, 24 hours" that is easy to use. And provide a one-stop, 24-hour full service with the largest Click & Collect. With more than 9,378 branches across Thailand with over 30,000 products from leading brands That gives you confidence in the quality and is 100% genuine

Commission: 2.76% for every product item

If more than 30 Transaction Billing is approved, this commission will be paid in the next month.

Commission: 4.62% for every product item

Commission approval conditions: when the purchase is complete

Prohibition and Conditions of Refusal of Commission: Prohibited Keyword
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And will refuse to pay the commission if the payment is incomplete

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Frequently asked questions - View all FAQs

1. What is CashBackGiver and how does it work?

CashBack Giver is a free and easy way to raise money for your favourite charity or save money via your cashback account, just by shopping online or Shop Local through our App.

Once you have signed up, you can browse our website or App for the store you want to shop with. You then click 'shop now' to go to their website and shop online as normal or locate through our App search and visit the local store of your choice. (see instructions for how to make a purchase through our app)

2. Who can I raise money for?

You can support any of the registered charities in the country you are shopping from. Our charities range from big national charities to local schools, temples, churches and social groups.

We are also adding a GoFundMe section for personal causes you wish to raise funds for. Please visit the GoFundMe page for more information.

3. How much can I raise for my charity?

The donation amount varies from store to store. Most of the time you raise a percentage of what you spend - between 1% and 10% - whilst sometimes it's a fixed amount. With some stores there are different rates or restrictions depending on what you buy - you can see more information on each store's page on our website.

4. And it's free?

Yes! You don't pay anything extra for your shopping, the donation is made at no extra cost to you. It's also completely free for your charity. There are no joining or payment fees, so 100% of the donation will reach the charity.

5. When will my charity receive the donation?

We pay charities once a month by Bank Transfer via our payment partner. You can view the status of every donation within your account. A donation will typically move from 'pending' to 'approved' to 'paid' over the course of a few months.

6. Where does the donation come from?

As a "thank you" for sending them sales and customers, our stores pay us a commission. We offer you the member the choice of having your share of the commision as a cashback or you can use this share of the commission to make a donation to your chosen charity.

7. How does CashBackGiver make money?

We donate or credit your cashback account 50% of the commission we receive, with the other 50% used to fund the ongoing development of CashBackGiver, which is free to all charities and users. All donation amounts we display represent the amount the charity will be paid - a 5% donation means a 5% donation!

8. How do I redeem my cashback?

You can view the status of your cashback within your account. A donation will typically move from 'pending' to 'approved' over the course of a few months. Once your approved balance exceeds 1000 THB you can transfer to your bank account or payment provider account or if you’re feeling especially generous you may decide to donate some or all of it to your selected charity. If you have a question not listed here please use our help search box to find or add your question.

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