Asian Resource Foundation

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Supports holistic development, that empowers the poor and other marginalised and vulnerable groups.

"To participate in the process of creation of peaceful, harmonious and just society in Asia and beyond".

Asian Resource Foundation (ARF) promotes the spirit of caring and sharing and the light of Asian cultures and spiritual values, supports holistic development, enables the poor and other marginalised and vulnerable groups and strengthens cooperative actions among the people of Asia and beyond for a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

• To build awareness to mobilize and share resources for welfare, emergency needs and holistic development.
• To support the participatory local initiatives of young people, the poor and marginalized sections of society in order to stimulate self reliance and sustainability.
• To develop interfaith, inter ethnic and inter cultural understanding and cooperation for the promotion and protection of human rights, peace and social harmony.
• To undertake participatory action research and publish works that promote greater awareness and policy advocacy.

Brief History of Organization
ARF was established in 1996 as an Asian initiative to respond to the needs of vulnerable communities particularly in the areas of children education, child rights, women empowerment and youth leadership development.
ARF was also conceived as a mechanism to mobilize human and financial resources to respond to the emergency needs of the people affected by natural disaster which includes emergency relief and reconstruction programs.
Asia being a multi-cultural region, ARF was seen as a platform for interfaith and intercultural cooperation for peace and development. Despite its Asian origin, since its inception, ARF has established links and cooperation with philanthropic individuals and organizations.
The international secretariat in Bangkok, Thailand is responsible for programs operating across over 20 Asian and Middle Eastern countries. ARF has 3 county field offices in Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan.

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response
ARF responds to immediate disaster needs in collaboration with community based NGOs and international aid agencies.
Research is then undertaken in order to develop an integrated approach for medium and long-term recovery towards community sustainability. This approach ensures that resources are utilized effectively and programs are on-going.
ARF also has an advocacy role to empower community in accessing government agencies and resources.
Working alongside local partner organizations, ARF emergency teams have been assisting in the rebuilding of communities and delivery of critical aid through distribution of essential items in disaster affected countries since 2004.
Countries include Iran, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Children’s Education
The Lorraine Robinson and Maeve Coughlan Education Fund (LOMEF) is administered by ARF.
The primary objective is to enable children from poor and vulnerable communities to access quality formal and non-formal primary level education.
ARF also builds the capacity of community based NGOs that apply for funding. ARF fund a range of programs throughout South and South East Asia that cover the cost of school materials and teachers’ salaries.
The innovative program has been operating since 1998.

Assistance to Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Displaced Persons
There is a lack of support agencies offering assistance to help the many asylum seekers, refugees and displaced persons around the region.
Working within the universal framework for the protection of human dignity and human rights, ARF offers an advisory service, short terms humanitarian needs, solidarity and assistance to empower asylum seekers.

Capacity Building of Member Organizations
Focuses on women’s empowerment and youth leadership training. Promotes capacity building by establishing regional NGO networks that share ideas, information and resources. This also allows local communities to advocate for alternative social policies to global issues.

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