Bangkok Post Foundation

Raised in total

To promote education and the educational activities of need school and university students.

The Bangkok Post Foundation activities mainly focus on giving education funding support to the needy poverty-stricken children in rural areas across the country. Support is primarily by scholarship programs which vary in amount according to the level of study.

Bangkok Post Foundation supports needy school children but does not discriminate based on the academic ability level of the child. The child just has to be keen to study and financially needy. Foundation is funding the education for students from primary to university level nationwide and currently support 250 students.

The Foundation occasionally has other education related projects when the need arises such as rebuilding or refurbishing schools damaged by the Tsunami in 2004 and the floods in central Thailand in 2011.

Aside from special corporate partnership projects; Post Publishing PCL pay for the Foundations administration and marketing expenses such that all the donations to the Foundation go purely for the charitable activities of the Foundation. Together with the volunteers time in running the Foundation and free advertising in the Bangkok Post newspaper, this is quite an exceptional benefit for the Bangkok Post Foundation resulting in the lowest expense ratios for a Foundation of less than 1%.

Furthermore, donations from Thai Tax payers are eligible for income tax deduction. The foundation registration number for tax deduction is 496.
We visited Bangkok Post Foundation's office in Bangkok and reviewed the charities activities with Mr. Pichai Chuensuksawadi, Chairman, Ms. Prapaiparn Rathamarit, the foundation's Secretary and Mrs. Kusuma Bekenn, Fund Raising Manager. The valuable work that K. Pichai, K. Kusama and K. Prapaiparn do for the foundation is totally on a voluntary basis. They receive no remuneration from the Foundation.

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