Who likes to go grocery shopping?

     The world we live in today is far more connected than the world of 5, 10, 25 or certainly 50 years ago. We can call anywhere in the world for free these days via the internet. We chat online with anyone through social media and share images of what we had for breakfast.
We receive news updates by the minute from every corner of the world. I can live here in Thailand and order my favourite items from across the globe and have them delivered to my door.
If I didn't want to leave my home, I could get restaurants to deliver, Groceries and fresh meat, clothes, electrical goods and even a massage at my door within minutes to hours (days if International). This was available before to the rich and famous but now its within most people’s reach to get the things they want delivered at the same cost that you would pay if you travelled to a store to select and queue up to pay.
My pet hate has always been grocery shopping. Not that I hate shopping for food (I belong to that rare breed of people that actually enjoys buying my weekly shop).
I hate the 30-40 minute drive into the store. 
I hate the store for moving the aisles around so that I am forced to travel up and down all the aisles to find what I want. 
I hate the fact that I am weak, and impulse buy the things I didn't know I needed until the store put them in my sight. 

I absolutely hate the need to queue up behind other people to pay for my shopping. The time it takes to wait in line to pay is frustrating as you watch other queues moving faster than yours (I always get in the wrong lane, the one with the slow shopper who forgot to weigh their produce and get it priced, the one whose card will not scan, the one who has queued just like you for 20 minutes but still does not know where their purse or wallet is!!). 
The estimate for the price of that shopping, in my head when I set out much earlier that day, is always shocking when the total bill arrives after all those impulse buys.
I then have the post checkout journey to look forward to, getting to where I thought I left the car, with the shopping trolley from hell that weaves and bobs like a Nascar driver because its wheels want to go anywhere but where I direct it to go.

I then have the drive home to enjoy, with idiot drivers (usually everyone on the road except me!) causing me to break too hard or swerve to avoid Mr. Magoo wandering across the lanes. My shopping meanwhile is disco dancing around in my boot (or trunk, depending which part of the world you hail from). Those once nicely formed loaves of bread or delicate cakes are now mere traces of dough and icing on the inside of the bag or box.
I then have the joy of repacking the shopping-disco-aftermath once I finally arrive home. I always end up picking up too many shopping bags at once and lose the feeling in my finger tips for the rest of the day. The instant rage as one of those said bags decides that they have had enough of this world, commit Hara-Kari and dumps glass-packaged sauces or pickles onto my living room floor on the way to the kitchen (it is never the bag full of soft packages!).
Yes, there must be another, better, way of doing things!!
Well, there is. 

     My 78-year-old mother sees online shopping as god-sent. She is less mobile these days and shouldn’t drive and the weekly shop is now done in comfort. My eyes were opened to this technical advance through her. Not the younger generation who do not even think there is another way of life than ordering what you want, when you want, through the convenience of mobile shopping.
Since mobile shopping appeared in the mainstream through apps, discount or cashback sites like Cashback Giver (https://www.cashbackgiver.com - that literally pay me to shop if I connect through their app or site) I do the shopping in my arm chair in front of the TV. I spend 20-30 minutes 

selecting my groceries and delivery time and then paying for it in the same way as I would in-store but without the wait.
When the goods arrive, I show the very nice delivery driver where in the kitchen I would like to have them put. It has been delivered in a purpose-built van, so the produce is as fresh as it was in the store and didn't get to be spread all over the floor of my hot boot (trunk).
I save money through Ca$hBack Giver and choose to donate to charity or save it in my cashback account. 
I have saved the cost of fuel to drive to and from the store.

     I have saved countless hairs on my head, saved from being pulled out in frustration. BUT most of all I have shaved off about 20% from my final bill from all those un-needed impulse buys AND about 2-3 hours of my precious time which can now be spent with my kids or just laying by the pool.
To save hours of your life and your hard-earned money do yourself the favour of downloading now www.cashbackgiver.com and relax as you;


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