Ca$hBack Giver Membership Available now in Thailand; All You Need To Know

Ca$hBack Giver Is About To Launch In Thailand

August 5th, 2018 is the date to set in your calendar for Ca$hBack Giver’s English Language launch on the Thai market. Just in time for Thai Mother’s Day shopping. Whether you are on holiday, living here or working in Thailand, Ca$hBack Giver will save you money on online and local shopping.


What or who is Ca$hBack Giver?

  • Is it a loyalty app to bring repeat business to a merchant?

  • Is it a Cashback membership app?

  • Is it a way to donate to charity without the need to think about it every time you shop?

  • Is it a way of generating extra income?

The answer is a resounding YES to all of the above, and so much more.

For the member who receives a Cashback and a method of charitable donations without any hassle, it is a useful way to give back to society at no additional cost to their pocket.

For the merchant who accepts Ca$hBack Giver App's it is also a way of supporting charitable causes, bringing in additional or repeat customers because of the Cashback offered and also a way to earn back money that they have donated to charity, member Cashback and marketing services.

How can the Merchants earn money?

Well, simply put, the Merchant is rewarded by distributing the Ca$hBack Giver App to his customers who are not existing Ca$hBack Giver Members. The Ca$hBack Giver Merchant will receive 5% of the Commission awarded on each and every transaction that the affiliated Ca$hBack Giver Member makes, wherever the transaction takes place, whenever the transaction takes place, for as long as the member and the merchant are active within Ca$hBack Giver.

The Ca$hBack Giver App's that the merchant distributes should be installed immediately prior to the first transaction by the distributing merchant.

In addition, the merchant has further earning opportunities by advising other merchants to enroll with Ca$hBack Giver. The introducing Merchant will receive 5% Agents Commission on every transaction Commission is awarded by the new merchant,

for as long as the new merchant is active within Ca$hBack Giver.

So, in summary what can a merchant possibly earn back, in monetary terms, from being a Ca$hBack Giver Merchant?

  • Distribution Commission - 5% of awarded Commission – on every transaction of affiliated member

  • Agents commission - 5% of awarded Commission - on every transaction of the introduced business

Surely, the Ca$hBack Giver Merchant is going to be giving away more in Cashbacks than they receive in commissions, aren’t they?

Well, in some cases that may be the case. However, there is nothing in this world more rewarding than knowing that you are giving back to your community through charitable donations to the less fortunate in society. There is a social benefit that most Ca$hBack Giver Merchants will get as much, if not more, satisfaction from, than just making money.

We believe that most active merchants who promote the Ca$hBack Giver App will gain far more than it will ever cost.

Apart from the above very good reasons for becoming a Ca$hBack Giver Merchant, when looked at as a marketing method, it is very cost effective (No Results; No Cost). In addition, it is highly accountable,

infinitely trackable and within the Merchants total control on how much they offer as reward, when the offer is valid, with the ability to have multiple offers at multiple times.


Geo-Marketing / Push-Marketing For Ca$hBack Giver Merchants

All of the Ca$hBack Giver Members will be notified through their Ca$hBack Giver App where members are located by location or by category of offering. There is also a further marketing tool which pushes advertising if and when the Ca$hBack Giver Member is close to a Ca$hBack Giver Merchant, Geo-Marketing, through the use of GPS information.

For example, if a Ca$hBack Giver Merchant is located in a shopping Mall that a Ca$hBack Giver Member enters the Member will receive notifications of any Ca$hBack Giver Merchants location and any current offers available.

This is not intrusive marketing that is going to upset our members as they are just being made aware of places they can save money. There is also the facility to temporarily suspend the notifications when the Ca$hBack Giver Member wants not to be disturbed.



Each Ca$hBack Giver Member, Merchant, Distributor, Agent or charity can at any time see from their Ca$hBack Giver dashboard all the information on how much they have spent, saved, donated to charity and where the transactions have taken place.

So What Is The Catch?

There is none!

Simply put the merchant offers a Commission to Ca$hBack Giver.

50% of the Commission is shared with the Ca$hBack Giver Member as a Cashback /donation (which that Ca$hBack Giver Member can elect to donate some, all or none of to a charity off the Ca$hBack Giver App.).

5% of the awarded Commission is a Distribution commission, which could come back to the Merchant or an Agent or Charity (if it was a member they introduced).

5% Agent Commission would go to the Agent who introduced that merchant to Ca$hBack Giver.

The balance goes to Ca$hBack Giver for research and development, marketing and operating costs.

At the end of the day the largest benefactors are the Merchants, charities and the members. The charities receive donations to further their good causes and the members get a reason to use a Ca$hBack Giver merchants’ business as they not only receive Cashback they may contribute something back to their community at the same time.


What Ca$hBack Giver Is Not!

Ca$hBack Giver is not a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme. There are earning opportunities but only from the immediate actions of the introducer. There are no second tier earnings, no pyramid to climb and no fees to pay to join.

Ca$hBack Giver is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Sure, you can earn a good living from being a distributor, Agent or Merchant but it is a long slow process to build up a customer database and then look after that member or merchant so that they are getting the best out of their membership.

Ca$hBack Giver Launch Plan

Ca$hBack Giver is getting ready to launch in Thailand and have several countries in Asia & Europe already requesting we launch there next. Ca$hBack Giver plan to be available around the world within a very short period of time.

Charity Registration Inquiry

If you run or are involved with a registered charity that you believe is deserving of receiving Ca$hBack Giver donations, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to make an appointment with your head of fund raising or complete the application form on our website.

Merchant Registration Inquiry

If you are a business owner that offers a product or service to consumers and wish to find out how Ca$hBack Giver App's could benefit your business contact us immediately to find out more.

Distributor Registration Inquiry

If you are looking for a second income opportunity please contact us for a distributor’s application.

Agent Registration Inquiry

If you are currently dealing with multiple businesses and would like to be able to enhance your earnings through being an Agent with Ca$hBack Giver please contact us to discuss the next step.



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